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Panlipi means “tribe” that makes guitar accessories that is unique, durable, and handcrafted by the traditional tribe in the Philippines.


Panlipi is formed for the love of music and supporting the local tribes in the Philippines. It supports the tribe communities and weaving industry especially during the Pandemic when the livelihood of the indigenous was greatly affected. Every design is unique, representing the beauty of different cultures and it helps sustain the tradition of weaving in the country.


A Panlipi guitar strap roots with ethnicity, culture, and love of music. Each strap is handcrafted and designed to provide aesthetics, comfort, and security to guitar players. To showcase the beauty and rich culture of each tribe as represented on each design.


Type of Weave: SAGADA

Back Material: Soft Webbing

End part: Genuine Leather with 2.8mm thickness

Width: 2 inches

Length: Approximately 130cm-140cm

Panlipi Manila Guitar Straps (Sagada Colored)

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