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A Triad of Analog Amp Voicings at Your Command


More guitarists are gigging amp-less than ever before. The pedalboard-sized DSM & Humboldt Simplifier seeks to re-create every stage in a traditional amplifier setup — tube breakup, tone stack, and cabinet simulation — by using an all-analog, totally silent signal path. This gives players the freedom to the leave the amp and cab at home for fly dates, remote gigs, and Sunday morning pack-ins. The "zero-watt" (as in, it won't drive a cab on its own) Simplifier is a key ingredient in achieving a silent stage and creating the ultimate self-contained pedalboard guitar setup. Its fully analog preamp, power amp sim, and cabinet emulation dispense a gratifyingly immediate response. Three amp voicings, each with their own unique gain structure and midrange characteristics, give you cleans and means from both sides of the pond, spanning chunky black-panel American rhythms to roaring British leads. An analog power amp sim and stereo-out analog cab sim put full control of your sound and feel right at your fingertips. As expected, the Simplifier makes a supreme pedal platform — its balanced input stage and stereo FX return bring your boutique overdrives, stereo delays, and reverbs to life. Factor in a dedicated headphone out and aux in for live monitoring, an FX pass-through for handing off stereo effects to a pair of stage amps, low-noise stereo balanced XLR outs for sending signal to FOH, and a Spread switch that lets you achieve wide faux-stereo effects from mono guitar signals, and the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier pedalboard preamplifier is a top-tier option for traditional players as well as those seeking to leave the amp at home.



Simplifier features a 100% true analog preamp that recreates with obsessive detail the most useful and popular clean channel preamps in the market; AC BRIT: Classic AC30 sparkly and tridimensional sound. A true British heritage since the 60's; AMERICAN: Classic blackface deluxe sound. Sweet and dynamic with a balanced response. By far the most used amp on studio recordings; MS BRIT: Classic clean-to-crunch vintage plexi style amp. The sound that defined rock music.



This stage is an accurate approximation of the interaction between the power tubes, output transformer and global feedback, which produces a particular frequency response for different tubes and speakers.


PRESENCE: Controls the hi-mids response just like the feedback based presence control on tube amps. Turn it up to cut through the mix or turn it down to sweeten aggressive distortions.


RESONANCE: Controls the low-end and resonance peak caused by transformer-speaker interaction in tube amps. Now you can control the dampening factor and get super tight low-end clarity and authority.


POWER TUBES SECTION: 3 way toggle switch that mimic the different response of classic tube types: EL34: Complex mid response with a compressed feel. 6L6: A more open and dynamic response with deeper bass and sparkling highs. KT88: Similar to 6L6 but with improved low-end range, perfect for bass or 7+ strings guitars.



Tweakable Cabinet simulator that takes the heritage and experience of ©DSM Noisemaker developing the most useful and innovative cabsims of the market. You can easily dial two independent cabinet simulators panned LEFT - RIGHT with MIC POSITION controls that responds as a real CENTER/OFF AXIS microphone position adjusting the precise amount of high-end roll off you look for. A three way toggle switch allows you to choose independent cabinet STYLE for each side. 1x12 Combo, 2x12 or big 4x12 cabinet simulations that you can combine with any of the 3 preamp voicings, adding an extra dimension to your sound development.



This unique feature allows you to create a pseudo stereo imaging, by shifting the phase of one channel on selected key frequencies. It will make your sound bigger and 3 dimensional, even if you are using a mono configuration. This spread is useful to get that "dual Cab" sound with realistic physical separation, very useful for recording on a stereo track, or playing with headphones.

DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Classic

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