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Worlds collide: the Simplifier DLX

The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX is the brainchild of Manuel Jano Acevedo of Humboldt Electronics and Daniel Schwartz of DSM Noisemaker. The concept of the Simplifier line arose when both players knew they wanted to address their own gigging needs in a single fly-ready pedalboard solution. “Manuel is a worship player, so parallel amps with very nice cleans, with ‘bite’ and dynamics, were a must,” says Daniel. “I, on the other hand, am a heavier player, and I like 2-channel amps (for Rhythm and Lead) with stereo FX on the loop. So the Simplifier DLX really had to do it all.” And does it ever do it all. Here at Sweetwater, we feel the Simplifier DLX really expands on the original Simplifier’s sound and utility, with parallel signal paths, channel switching, and fully stereo signal chain.


The freedom to leave your amp and cab behind

Gigging Sweetwater guitarists require guitar amps that are great for accepting pedals, monitoring from the stage, and miking up for FOH reinforcement. The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX brings these key functions to pedalboard-sized preamplifier that’s ready for prime time — no soundcheck required. Now you have the freedom to leave your amp and cab behind. The Simplifier DLX’s stereo balanced XLR outputs allow you to send a signal straight to a soundboard or stereo FRFR setup. Meanwhile, an onboard headphone amp lets you monitor yourself directly from your station to dramatically reduce stage bleed and increase isolation. All told, the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX is a great way to save wear and tear on your amps, back, and ears.


Takes stereo pedals like a champ

The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX makes a supreme stereo pedal platform. In fact, it’s by incorporating your pedals that this preamp really comes to life. A stereo FX return allows you to position your digital reverbs and ping-pong delays after the preamp and “power amp” stages to prevent and loss of signal or fidelity. Feed drive and compressor stomps directly into the input, and you’ve got a premium front end for serving up everything from Nashville cleans to blistering leads.


Three essential amp voicings per channel

The Simplifier DLX’s twin analog preamps mimic the sound and handling of three essential amp voicings. Gain structure and midrange contour are unique to each voicing contained within. Two independent channels, each with their own 3-band EQ and Clean/Crunch/Lead switch, let you run wildly different tones in parallel or switch between them using the included two-button footswitch.

  • AC Brit: A sweet, sparkling voicing based on a British icon known for its twinkling cleans and emotive verge-of-breakup grind.
  • American: Supplies the quacky midrange and chunky bass of black-panel Deluxe. Sweet when clean; roars when pushed.
  • MS Brit: Packs on the glassy gain and forward character of a Plexiglas-paneled vintage amp stack.


Analog power amp sim

The interaction between power tubes and output transformer plays a big part in the stiffness, compression, and saturation characteristics of our favorite amps. The Simplifier DLX brings you a 3-way tube toggle (6L6/EL34/KT88) and those essential feedback- and series-based Presence and Resonance controls to emulate the power amp stage of a driven tube amp.


Multi-stage stereo reverb

Independent reverb sends per channel on the Simplifier DLX means you don’t have to sacrifice definition in your crunch tones when building ambient cleans and sultry soaks. Room, Plate, and Ether reverb styles supply a generous range of tones to choose from, even without any other pedals in tow.


Stereo analog cab sim

The Simplifier DLX also gives you channel-independent analog cab sims for running signals straight out to a soundboard. Cycle between Combo, Twin, or Stack cab options per channel, then adjust the directivity of each virtual mic and speaker using the Mic Position knob — clockwise for brighter and more direct tones, counterclockwise for woolier and more off-axis sounds.


Stereo direct amp pass-through

Let’s say you want to run direct to the soundboard but still monitor yourself through cabs. Or, maybe you just want to monitor from your pedalboard and mic up cabs from the stage. The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX is able to pass your stereo effects pedals directly onto your powered stage amps to provide a rich, stereo spread.


Pseudo-stereo Spread switch

Want to widen your appeal? The Simplifier DLX’s Spread switch converts incoming mono signals into pseudo-stereo to send you a faux double-tracked sound into your headphones and PA.


Headphone out and auxiliary input

Thanks to its powerful 135mW stereo headphone amplifier, the Simplifier DLX is a key ingredient in creating a silent stage. Practicing along to jam tracks? Monitoring MultiTracks in your in-ears? The Simplifier DLX’s auxiliary input lets you live monitor songs from your music library and audio from your DAW while you play, saving the need for a dedicated in-ear system.

DSM Humboldt Electronics Simplifier DLX Zero Watt Dual Channel Amplifier

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